On August 15th 2019 our Dojo Founder, Pascal Stiefenhofer, left our Dojo to begin work in a new City. We are saddened by his departure, and are deeply grateful for his generosity of spirit and sharing with us his vast knowledge and expertise of Kendo, he was the Daikokubashira (central pillar) and has left a legacy in his wake that forms the bedrock of our Dojo.

However, now we have a new energy, Pascal handed the leadership to Karl Scott, who is our new Dojo Leader. Karl brings with him diligence and commitment that will serve this new era in our Dojo very well. Karl is an exceptional Kendoshi and an individual Gold Medal Holder. We are fortunate to have him in this new role; the Dojo will flourish with his guidance.

Adam Antoszewski – 18.09.2019