Here the dojo guidelines to prevent the diffusion of COVID-19 and in line with the recent Government and BKA recommendations:

– Participant must book in advance via WhatApp or communicate to one of the senior member on first arrived first served basis.
– Changing rooms will be not available, changing into training wear at home.
– Everyone must to sign in the form writing their phone number on the note column.
– Session will be shortened to 90 minutes from the usual 120 minutes and will be only Thursday for the moment.
– Only PAYG is allowed, please come with right amount of cash.
– Please do not come if you are unwell or with irregular temperature
– Please bring with you a proper face covering and an hand sanitiser (both available at Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury and so on)
– Wash your hand or use a sanitiser before entering the dojo
– Face covering should be wear all the time.
– Please bring your own water bottle, the water fountains at the sport centre are not available at the moment.
– Is recommended (ZKNR) to use a men shield along with a face covering.
– Do not share any equipement in any case.
– Keep the area ventilated.
– Keep a 2 meters distance from others if possible.
– Everyone should face the same direction during exercise and suburi.
– Try to use the same space and area all as much as possible.
– Kiai is not permitted as close contact like tsubazeriai.

If you have any question or doubt please contact one of the senior members via the usual channels.
Rules will be modified and a communication will be sent we will try to follow recommendation and guideline form UK Gov, OMS ,BKA ,EKF, ZKNR and a huge portion of common sense.