This year some BKC members attended the British Kendo Association’s Watchet seminar and gradings in West Somerset
We had couple of training days on many different aspects of Kendo including correct footwork, ki ken tai ichi, kirikaeshi, kata and the concept of yuko datostu.
We also have the chance to practice kata outside in the lawn in very amazing sunny day.

Groups divided into mukyu to nikyu, Ikyu to shodan, nidan to godan and trained with the following instructors:
Ujita Yoshinobu – Kyoshi Nanadan – Special guest from Wakayama
Geoff Salmon – Kyoshi Nanadan
John O’Sullivan – Kyoshi Nanadan
Hiyama Yasayuki– Renshi Nanadan
Gary O’Donnel – Renshi Nanadan
Yoshikawa Emiko – Renshi Rokudan

We practised, learned and received lots of feed back that we used the day after.
On Sunday afternoon, we attempted our grading and all BKC kendoka passed, that was an amazing results after several weeks of gradings training
Many congratulations to:

Adam – Ikkyu
Matt – Shodan
Lorenzo – Shodan
Sung Kyu – Sandan

We would like to tank all our fellow dojo mate to help us on training and of course Pascal for sharing with us his experience and leading us to the success.
See you on Thursday night for another training session (yes we don’t rest).