Brighton Kendo is a club run by a collective of qualified volunteers with the ambition to promote kendo to the public in the area of Brighton and Hove. Our activities are open to adults with no upper age limit. There are almost no physical constraints and all activities can be carried out safely.

What is Kendo?

Kendo is a Japanese fencing discipline which is originated in the swordsmanship of the Japanese warrior-aristocrats around 10th century. Along the passage of time, it turned from the killing techniques to the way of live-giving discipline through the fair & just swordsmanship philosophy.

The modern kendo (20th century onward) has strong emphasis on self-discipline and mutual respect. The purpose of modern kendo is to build healthy mind and body, and to establish genuine friendship through physical exercise and inclusive competitions.

Our aim is, whatever ambition you wish to pursue, to support you in your aspirations and to share the joy of kendo experiences with you.

Culture & Value System

The Japanese Police force is the traditional kendo stronghold and many highly regarded Japanese players are active police officers. Given that the Japanese traditionally expects police officers to be a good role model for society – strong but polite, fair and friendly – the participants of kendo are expected to assimilate similar values. “Kendo begins with etiquette, ends with etiquette” is the first teaching in kendo.

1st Time Visitors

– Comfortable clothing e.g. loose t-shirt & jogging trousers
– Toe nails must be kept tidy as our practice is in bare-foot
– Beginners’ equipment provided free of charge

How we are Organised

Brighton Kendo practices in two sessions:

  1. University Kendo Sussex [BN1 9RB] (evening, Thursday/weekdays)
  2. Konami Dojo [BN1 9RB] (morning, Sunday)

1) University Kendo Sussex 

University Kendo Sussex is open to the public and welcomes adults to practice with us. Students in the area of Brighton and Hove of age 16 years and above are particularly welcome to join this dojo. There is also some support available for students, such as i.e.,  equipment for rental. Most Brighton Kendo members consider this dojo as their regular main practice. This dojo separates beginners from more advanced students so that both groups will enjoy kendo according to their level.

2) Konami Dojo 

The aim of this dojo is to provide you with the opportunity to get in touch with kendo for the first time. The focus is strongly on kendo fundamentals hence it is a particularly good dojo to get started with kendo or to attend a taster session. We offer beginner courses for adults. (18+yrs).

Legal Aspects

We are members of the British Kendo Association (BKA) therefore our members are insured against accidents during kendo-related activities.

Konami Dojo is a beginners-friendly dojo. Our coaches hold coaching certificates provided by the BKA. Any other paperwork and procedure regarding protection policy, health and safety procedures will follow the guideline specified by the BKA.

Please browse our pages and find out more about us.

More info on venues, timetable and  fares on the following link