Fees and Course Structure

Fees and Course Structure

Type Cost PAYG per Session Cost Monthly
Taster Free (1 session)
Regular 9 30
Student 6 20
Armour Rentals  2


You are welcome to join in for a session and enjoy kendo with us for free. The taster session offers you the opportunity to try out kendo at no financial commitment. You are welcome to take someone with you and to ask questions to the instructors and students. We will also provide basic equipment for you.

 Regulars and Students

You are welcome to join us as a regular member. As a regular member you are invited to  practice at our dojo. This type of membership is beneficial to those wishing to purse individually defined goals such as gradings, attending external events, or going to competitions. However, nothing prevents you from enjoying kendo purely for fun and/or as a recreational activity.

 Pay as you go

PAYG is for adults aiming at attending sessions once a week (or irregularly). It is also ideal for university students wishing to optimise their budget spending.

Armour Rental

We have some armours available for rental at costs of £1 per session. Priority of armour rental is given to individuals attending regularly.

Can be done in Cash or via Direct Debit (Please check with the Dojo Leader)


Should you wish to know more details about course structures and fees than feel free to contact us