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Mumeshi 3s Competition – BKC Silver Medal

After the last year 3rd place, bronze medal, this year the Brighton Kendo Club joined again the Mumeshi 3s competition with two teams.

BKCA – Pascal Steifenhofer, Lorenzo Bellucci and Andre Pimentel

BKCB – Mohammed Benchekroun, Adam Antoszwski and Hiroshi Shimizu

The BKCA team manage the fight until the final versus the York University Team where the team lost for 0-1 ippon, so getting the second place and winning the Silver Medal, this is was a brilliant result happily celebrated by both teams.

Silver medalist BKCA

The over all  experience was very good and  both team manage all the fight with our usual fighting spirit , showing the best of the Brighton Kendo Club taikai experience and training.

Both BKC Team

As BKC tradition we celebrate with the competition winners…….

On the background Ben photobomb!

This victory is a results obtained thanks to all the members effort from the senior to the new comers.

Thank you every one.

Brighton Kendo Club, FAITO!!!!

16th World Kendo Championships (16WKC) – Scheduling time, streaming link and event details


From 29th of May to 31st of May 2015 at  Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.

  • May 29th – Opening Ceremony, Men’s Individual Championship
  • May 30th – Women’s Individual Championship, Women’s Team Championship
  • May 31st – Men’s Team Championship, Closing Ceremony

Start time : 9:00 AM (JST) for each day – 01:00 a.m.  UK time .

More info in the 16WKC OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Where to watch:


Here the channel list of the different Shiaijo:

Good luck to all teams!