Konami Dojo



Sunday’s: 10.00-12.00 am at

Dojo of University Sports Centre
University of Sussex Sport Centre
Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9RB – United Kingdom.

We are committed to run Konami Dojo as a child and family friendly kendo club. We have just opened the doors for children. 



Konami (小波) means ‘small wave’ and the word ‘dojo’ (道場) stands for the space where kendo is practised.

Konami Dojo is the Sunday slot provided by Brighton Kendo Club and we emphasise on beginners’ program for adults and children to establish sound foundation of kendo.

To comply with BKA requirements, we have Equal Opportunity, Child Protection and Health & Safety policies in place. Our instructors are BKA qualified coaches with DBS clearance and significant kendo experience.

We are passionate about kendo and hoping to share the joy of it with everyone, from total beginners to seasoned practitioners, at Konami Dojo.


Dojo Leader: Pascal Stiefenhofer
Contact: p.stiefenhofer@gmail.com


Our Mission
To provide kendo instruction to the general public. Anybody of age 6 years and above, with no upper limit, is welcome to join us. The primary objective of the dojo is the focus on introducing beginners into kendo through beginner courses and regular training of the fundamental elements of kendo. Our instruction is methodological and comparable to a typical family friendly dojo in Japan. In fact we maintain close contact to some dojos in Japan and follow a well-defined training structure.

Kendo for Children (6-14 years)
The primary aspect of children’s kendo is to provide our students an enjoyable first kendo experience. Children will learn some rules of conduct, kendo skill, and some aspects of Japanese culture. We organize special events for kids in order to make kendo fun; this may include inviting and visiting other children dojos, going to competitions and seminars etc…

Kendo for Young Adults (14-18)
At this age level, kendo instruction is more systematic. We aim at adequately challenging our students and support them in achieving their own goals. Students are encouraged to work towards gradings and are invited to participate in external events. However, the main aspect of kendo is fun, even if carried out as a competitive sport.

Kendo for Adults
You will be introduced to kendo in the same way, as if you would start kendo in a dojo in Japan, which welcomes late entries. Such dojos are usually family friendly and enjoy a relax atmosphere. Kendo instruction is methodological and tailored to individual physical and mental needs. Our approach is based on mutual respect and minimizes risks of accidents while students can still fully enjoy full contact combat.

Konami Dojo Practice Structure
10.00-10.30 am Bokken geiko (kendo kata no kihon and kendo kata)
10.30-11.00 am Kendo fundamentals
11.00-12.00 am Kihon, uchikomi geiko, kakarigeiko, and jigeiko.

How to join us?
Contact p.stiefenhofer@gmail.com for further information or just drop by at the Konami Dojo and look for an instructor. In principle the process is:

1) Free taster Session.
2) Beginner’s course (for adults).
3) Once you have completed a beginner’s course you could join us as a regular member or pay as you go for individual sessions.

Konami Dojo posters and application form can be downloaded here:

Some more material for instructors: