University Dojo

University Dojo

Our University Kendo Dojo is open to the general public and welcomes adults to join training with us. The emphasis of this dojo is to promote kendo to individuals of age 16 years and above with little or no kendo experience. In particular we welcome university students and staff.

Classes are divided into groups so that both experienced players and beginners can maximize their learning potential.


Our Philosophy

The purpose of the University of Sussex Dojo is to promote adult kendo to the general public and to university students/staff in the area of Brighton and Hove. We follow a typical Japanese style university kendo curriculum and maintain close contact to some kendo dojos in Japan. Our approach is methodological and aims at promoting talent according to individual needs.


Kendo Training

8.00-8.10       Individual time (registration)

8.10-8.30       Fundamentals (all)

8.30-9.00       Kihon (groups)        Motodachi geiko (all)

9.30-10.00     Jigeiko (advanced students)

Application of kendo kata no kihon to shinai kendo (beginners).


Promoting University Kendo

At the University of Sussex we aim at promoting kendo to university students. University of Sussex students have established a University of Sussex Kendo Society. You can find the US SOC on Facebook. The aim of the student run society is to share a common interest in Japanese culture and kendo.


President: Tom

Vice-President: Elpida

For more information about how to get in touch with the student run society see FB.

How to join us?

Ideally you would contact us in advance so that we can prepare the necessary equipment for you. Or just turn up and join in for a free taster session.



University students can choose the payment method PAYG (£4) per session or pay in advance in cash for an entire month (£17) and join practice at both dojos. We provide armour rental at (£1 )per session.